MWC 2013: Fujitsu Launches Second Waterproof Arrows Tab

The tablet is the Wintel counterpart to the one released in early February 2013

Since there isn't an easy way to make a tablet device stand out these days, what with everyone using pretty much the same hardware, Fujitsu is playing the waterproof card again.

The company has officially introduced a certain slate called ARROWS Tab Q582/F, which is similar to the Arrows Tab Wi-Fi FAR70B in that it can shrug off splashes, rain and other water attacks.

It also resembles that particular device in screen size: both of them measure 10.1 inches in screen diagonal.

More specifically, the Arrows Tab Q582/F has a 10.1-inch wide LED backlight display with a native resolution of 1,366 x 768 pixels.

Ironically, this screen is an HD panel (1366 x 768 pixels), inferior to the Tegra 3-based slates' Full HD one (1920 x 1080 pixels).

Speaking of specifications, the newcomer relies on the newest Intel Atom central processing unit (Intel Atom Processor Z2760, dual-core, 1.50GHz) and Runs the Microsoft Windows 8 operating system.

2 GB of RAM (random access memory, DDR3) back up said processor, while built-in NAND Flash chips offer 64 GB of storage space.

The ultra-high-speed Xi communications network is part of the list as well, useful in mobile applications for workers outside of the office as well as demanding field conditions.

For those unfamiliar with the Xi communications network, it can receive data at 75 Mbps and send it at 25 Mbps, although the rates drop to 14 Mbps and 5.7 Mbps, respectively, outside of it but within the FOMA area (Freedom of Mobile Multimedia Access, a telecom service in Japan).

As for battery life, it can be of up to 10.3 hours, depending on how owners treat the device and use its various capabilities.

Sales of the Fujitsu Arrows Tab Q582/F will begin in the middle of March 2013, for 125,800 yen / $1,365 / 1,044 Euro.

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