MWC 2013: AMD Turbo Dock Demoed on Temash Tablet

The 40% boost in performance will occur when the slate is docked

Since lots of companies already have patents for dynamic overclocking technologies, Advanced Micro Devices has invented something else for tablets based on its upcoming Temash APU.

Called Turbo Dock technology, it was demonstrated on a Compal reference design slate measuring 13.3 inches and equipped with a 1080p Full HD touchscreen.

When the dock is not connected, the device works normally, or rather at less than full power in order to preserve battery energy.

When the dock is connected though, performance jumps up by 40%, on the assumption that owners are about to take up content creation or other processing- and graphic-intensive tasks.

Not exactly the most flexible of systems, but AMD did seem to do a lot with what it was allowed to work with.

That said, the Compal tablet brought to MWC 2013 ran Windows 8 on the Temash SoC and clasped the dock in place with a sturdy hinge and single click.

It has a white plastic case with chrome detailing and various ports (including USB and HDMI). A fresh change from designs that only have such ports on the dock.

The keyboard itself was made of aluminum and resembles ultrabooks in shape. It affixes the tablet with motorized latches.

Microsoft’s Fish Bowl HTML5 test for Internet Explorer managed 60 fps with the maximum number of fish. When docked, the fishbowl score rose 40-50%.

Advanced Micro Devices calls these things “performance tablets” in order to differentiate them from Google Nexus 10, Apple iPad and all other tablets on the market right now.

Sure, the Temash, and tablets powered by it, won't be out before summer, but it makes sense for the company to promote the marketing term in advance.

For those unaware, Compal makes, or rather assembles, tablets and laptops for brand vendors (Acer, ASUS, etc.). That means that, next time the slate shows up, it will have an actual name and roadmap.


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