MTV Movie Awards 2014: Rihanna Does the Pajama Look on the Red Carpet, Still Kills It – Photo

Singer flaunts her toned body in playsuit and robe dress, straight off the catwalk

The MTV Movie Awards 2014 is rather a subdued affair when it comes to fashion but, clearly, whatever rules apply for all the other celebrities don’t apply for Rihanna. She pretty much killed it in an outfit that made her look as if she’d just rolled out of bed.

Then again, it’s not like the Barbadian beauty ever played by the rules with her sartorial choices, so there was no reason to do so at last night’s ceremony, which took place live at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles. If there ever was a time for celebrities to let their hair down, this was definitely it.

Check out the gallery below to see Rihanna’s pink white outfit, which flattered her amazing figure. It might look like a pajama / negligée combo, but it was – of course! – haute couture straight off the catwalk.

The Daily Mail IDs the designer as Ulyana Sergeenko, a Russian designer famous for putting a new spin on otherwise normal looking pieces, like Rihanna’s playsuit, which she wore under her robe dress.

The British tab has more photos of the outfit, including a couple of Rihanna playfully pulling on the robe dress to offer photographers a better look at the playsuit and her toned legs.

For styling, the singer went for curls and a loose updo, while her makeup was the very definition of perfection. On any other woman, this outfit would have probably looked ridiculous but, somehow, because of her attitude and the excellent styling overall, Rihanna managed to make it work.

Later in the evening, she teamed up with rapper Eminem for an incendiary performance of their latest hit duet, “The Monster.” Rihanna changed into a basic cotton dress and an oversized puffy jacket that made her look as if she’d just stepped out of a bad ‘80s movie.

To this look, she added a colorful headpiece and a chocker that read “FEAR.” They didn’t help with the ‘80s vibe but we assume it was on purpose, because Rihanna has been favoring a lot of clothing staples from that decade, some more atrocious looking than others.

She also went up on stage to accept her own golden popcorn trophy, for Best Cameo Performance, for her minor role in the apocalyptic comedy “This Is the End.” If you remember, she shot that right after the debacle that was her big screen debut in “Battleship,” at a time when everyone really thought her acting career would take off.


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