MTV Movie Awards 2012: Hollywood Honors Trailblazer Emma Stone

Co-stars gush about Emma, can't keep up their act for much longer

Emma Stone won the Trailblazer award at last night's MTV Movie Awards 2012, so producers had some of her co-stars sit down to say a few kind words for a video that played before she was handed the award.

However, as the video below will show, what started as a touching video actually revealed that, sweet as she might seem, Emma is anything but.

Steve Carell, Anna Farris, Octavia Spencer, Mila Kunis and Jason Sudeikis were all included in the video.

Major points go to Jim Carrey who, wearing a tee with Emma's face on it, made sure people all over the world knew he was no longer in love with her.

In fact, he spat, he never did like her all that much neither professionally nor personally. He's happy they never had kids, as he once hoped they would.

Below is the video. It's very funny – but it still managed to pry a tear from Emma's eye, who got up on stage to accept her award telling audiences “Thank you, I'm a crier.”

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