MTV Movie Awards 2012: Charlize Theron Knocks Michael Fassbender to the Ground

Never tell Charlize she's “just a girl” – or you'll suffer the consequences

Charlize Theron isn't just a pretty face and she's definitely more than just a talented actress. Michael Fassbender, her co-star in “Prometheus,” found that out the hard way at the MTV Movie Awards 2012 last night.

The two walked on stage to present the award for Best Fight, with Charlize looking breathtaking in a red peplum Lanvin dress.

Even so, she proved she can still open the proverbial can of you-know-what if you cross her, which is just what Fassbender did when he suggested he should present the award because he was Irish and she was “a girl.”

With two well-placed (had they been real) kicks, Charlize got Fassbender on the ground, leaving the mic all to her to present the award.

Scripted as it was, it was a funny moment. Check it out.

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