MSI’s GTX 650 Power Edition Has TransThermal Cooling

A powerful GTX 650 video card with an original cooling system

We already reported on MSI’s impressive GeForce GTX 650 OC Power Edition here and we were most impressed by the high factory overclock that this card comes with.

The GK107 GPU and MSI’s video card is clocked at a high 1124 MHz base frequency.

Now we have a new set of pictures, thanks to the hardware enthusiasts at, and we can see that the Power Edition reportedly comes with the same TransThermal cooling concept that MSI HD 7770 Power Edition has.

The card has a single main cooling fan, but it also comes with a second fan that the user may want to mount if needed.

This way, when the cold season begins, the user might enjoy less noise while in summer, a second cooling fan will keep the temperatures in check.

Removing the extra fan will not only lower the noise level, but it will also prolong the life of the fan bearing.

The lower level of usage will ensure it will work quiet and properly for a longer period.

We’re glad to see that the radiator is properly designed with an S-shaped copper heatpipe and a copper base.

The backside I/O bracket comes with two DVI ports and one HDMI connector, but the manufacturer could have included a couple of more ports as the cooling system is dual-slot and there is more space available on the bracket.

The card is likely to have a price not much higher than the reference $150 (117 EUR) Nvidia asks for a plain GTX 650 video card, so we couldn’t criticize MSI for not bringing more ports as the price is already very good for the feature set and the high factory overclock.


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