Hacked, Abused to Distribute Malware

The company has been notified, but no action has been taken

The official website of Micro-Star International (MSI),, has been hacked by cybercriminals and abused to distribute malware on the computers of the site’s visitors.

According to Conrad Longmore of Dynamoo’s Blog, a malicious piece of code injected into the site redirects visitors to kristians1(dot)net, a domain that hosts an exploit kit.

Longmore highlights the fact that MSI has been notified, but the company hasn’t done anything yet to clean up its website.

In fact, this is not the first time when is compromised. Back in May, hackers leaked 50,000 user accounts allegedly stolen from MSI Taiwan.

In addition, according to Google’s report, the site is not currently listed as being suspicious. However, 16 pages of have led visitors to malicious software over the past 90 days.

“You really do have to question the competency of a company when it has this many hacks and breaches, especially when they make computers. How deeply do these breaches go?” Longmore noted.

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