MSI Updates Radeon HD 4600 Series with HDMI Support

Designed for the HTPC enthusiasts

Micro Star International has just announced that it has updated its series of Radeon HD 4600 Series of graphics cards, adding support for HDMI connectivity across the entire series. The company is now offering five HD 4600-series video boards that can provide end-users with full support for HDMI connectivity, as well as the standard DVI and D-Sub connectors. In addition to that, these cards boast a digital 7.1 sound channel and solid state and high-quality Hi-C capacitors, offering a more stable performance.

As you probably already know, AMD's Radeon HD 4600-series of graphics cards has been designed for mainstream and entry-level graphics performance, meant to provide a wider range of users with a card that supports DirectX 10.1, full HD resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels and even a stable gaming performance. These features enable the 55nm-based GPUs to provide an excellent choice for a Home Theater PC. MSI's latest offering comes to emphasize these cards' HTPC capabilities, offering a wider range of connectivity options, including the increasingly popular HDMI.

The product line extends to five models, based on the Radeon HD 4670 and the Radeon HD 4650 graphics processing units. Four of these five cards are provided with a single-slot fansink cooling solution, while one of the HD 4650-based models is offered with a passive-cooling solution.

As far as technical specifications are concerned, there are few differences between the five cards. The three Radeon HD 4650-based models are set at the same clock frequencies, but come with either 512MB or 1GB of GDDR2 memory. The Radeon HD 4670 model is featured with 512MB GDDR3 memory, clocked at 1746MHz, and a core speed of 750MHz.

In addition to the HDMI connectivity, these cards have also been built with the next level of high-performing Hi-c capacitors, which offers a more stable working environment for the GPU and improves the life of the card.


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