MSI Makes Sure We Don't Forget What Windows 8 PCs Are About

The company releases a 27-inch all-in-one computer with touch support

With Battery-powered All-in-One PCs and Surf Slider convertible devices, it is obvious that all companies involved in the Windows 8 product launch are trying to stand out somehow.

In comparison, Micro-Star International's Wind Top AE2712 all-in-one computer is quite tame.

Certainly, it has touch support, but so do many of the others. Touch optimization is one of the main features in Windows 8 after all, so the novelty, of large-size panels that expect owners to reach forward and hold their arms in the air until they're too tired to go on, wore off long ago.

The main points in the feature set are the same as we expected: the 27-inch LCD has Full HD support (1920 x 1080 pixels resolution), the hardware is built around an Intel Core Ivy Bridge CPU, RAM and storage are customizable, etc.

The one thing that interests us here is that the integrated graphic processor (IGP) in the CPU isn't the only one available. Buyers will be allowed to select an NVIDIA GeForce GT650M GPU, complete with Optimus technology (keeps it turned off if the IGP can handle things).

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