MSI Launches The X38 Diamond Motherboard

New chipset, new cooling solution

Micro-Star International, better known as MSI, announced the launch of its latest X38 based, Intel compatible mainboard that supports the DDR3 random access memory. The new Diamond motherboards are specially designed in order to meet the demands for high performance of the PC enthusiast and gamer market segments.

The new MSI X38 Diamond motherboards are designed and manufactured with the future in mind as they are ready for the latest 1333MHz frontside bus and they also offer integrated support for the next generation of 45 nanometer Intel central processing units which will come with a multi core internal hardware architecture. The X38 Intel mainboard chipset is aimed at replacing the 975X product that was the choice chipset for the enthusiast market for two years now and the new MSI X38 Diamond mainboards is designed to make the most of its unique features. This new motherboard is equipped with various overclocking tweaks like LED POST and other features that are aimed at providing a safer and simpler overclocking environment.

As the most performance boost from an overclock is gained when the random access memories are working in stable conditions, this new generation of mainboards come with a new technology, the ''Dual-Channel PWM'', or Pulse Width Modulation circuits, that are aimed at providing a more stable power feed to both the central processing unit and the system memory. "This original and revolutionary design by MSI will lead the motherboard's power design in fewer phases to provide better power supply. It's today's most advanced technology to look after both overclocking and power efficiency." said Vincent Lai, marketing director of MSI.

One of the trademarks of the new MSI X38 Diamond mainboard is the presence of the original looking and very performance centered passive cooling solution that is made from massive copper and provides at the same time a significant space gain, thanks to its efficient design.

This new generation of motherboards from MSI come with integrated support for the latest and incoming Intel processing units like the Core 2 Duo, Extreme and Quad processors while supporting frontside bus speeds between 800 and 1333MHz. On the system memory department, a dual channel solution with four DDR3 memory slots is present that can accommodate memory modules running at clock speeds between 800 and 1333MHz.

As this mainboard is equipped with 4 PCI Express x16 slots it also offers support for multi graphics cards setups like the ATI CrossFire solution. Thanks to its two external Serial ATA ports that support RAID configurations, users demanding more storage space will be able to connect large external storage devices to their computer system.

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