MSI Installs Sound Blaster Cinema Audio Chips in G-Series Motherboards

It looks like the Bigfoot Killer NIC Network Controller isn't the only asset

Micro-Star International has chosen to set up a gaming-oriented line of motherboards that will compete with the likes of ASUS Republic of Gamers.

Called G-Series, the motherboard line is still in its infancy, but already it is making strides.

So far, we've learned that MSI is including the Bigfoot Killer NIC Network Controller.

Now, we have found out that MSI is installing new Sound Blaster Cinema audio chips on them too, by Creative Labs.

Sound Blaster is an old and very well respected brand on the audio industry. That MSI is making them an intrinsic part of its gaming hardware lineup says a lot.

The first G-Series motherboards will be released at CeBIT 2013, in March. All of them will have black PCBs (printed circuit boards) and LGA 1155 CPU sockets (for Intel Core-series CPUs).

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