MSI Readies the First Microsoft Windows 8.1 Certified AIOs

The two systems are called All-in-One AE221/G and AE222/G

Soon enough, Microsoft will officially launch the Windows 8.1 operating system, which means that enterprise customers will have an easier time using their PCs.

Micro-Star International wanted to get pulled upwards along with the OS, assuming it sells well.

So it has officially launched the AE221/G and AE222/G all-in-one computers.

Both of them rely on fourth-generation Intel Core-series CPUs (Haswell) and NVIDIA's GeForce GT 740M mobile graphics (since desktop graphics don't fit inside AiOs).

Flicker-free technology is included, to stabilize power current and prevent eye-tiring flickering, invisible to normal eyesight or otherwise.

Buyers of the newcomer will be allowed to get an anti-glare display for some extra cost. No prices are known though, sadly.

Not surprising, since the information on the systems is actually found on Microsoft's website, not that of MSI.

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