MSI AM3+ Bulldozer Motherboard Gets Picture and Video Preview

Although there still is some time left until April when AMD plans to launch the Bulldozer CPU architecture, motherboard makers have already begun showing off their upcoming AM3+ models, MSI presenting the Bing Bang Conqueror mobo during CES 2011.

Just like all its other motherboards, the Conqueror uses the same trademark black and blue color scheme, but goes for a slightly different heatsink design that reminds me of the Crosshair IV mobo.

However, this is a different beast all together since its based on the AMD 990FX northbridge and the SB950 chipset, meaning the board will support the upcoming Bulldozer processors that use the AM3+ socket.

Taking a look at the motherboard reveals four PCI Express x16 slots, four DDR3 memory slots as well as a Military Class II design that uses 10 phases DrMOS PWM.

Other features include six SATA 6Gbps ports, two PCIe x1 slots, on-board power, reset and OC Genie buttons, a BIOS debug LCD display, two rear USB 3.0 ports as well as a 90-degree angled SuperSpeed USB 3.0 front panel connector.

Everything else seems pretty much standard, although I don't happen to see any V-check voltage measurement points as it's the case with other MSI motherboards.

The Bulldozer processors are based on a new AMD CPU architecture that uses a modular chip design.

Each module is comprised of two independent integer cores and one floating point unit with two 128-bit instruction pipelines and one FP scheduler.

These will be paired together in order to build quad-core and six-core Bulldozer processors.

As AMD has made it clear, the new Zambezi CPUs will use the AM3+ socket (or AM3b) that is backwards compatible with AM3 chips, although AM3+ processors won't work in AM3 motherboards.

No details about the market availability of the MSI Bing Bang Conqueror have been made public at this time. (via Tweak Town)


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