MPAA Is OK with MegaUpload Users Getting Their Stuff Back, Just Not the Pirates

It's impossible to figure out whether one file is or is not infringing for so many users

MegaUpload users that have lost their files in the takedown may have a chance to get them back. Plenty of people had used the service legally, uploading their own files for safekeeping. In some cases, those were the only copies of those files and quite a few are left with no way of retrieving them.

But several groups, including MegaUpload itself, have been working on finding a way for those users to get their files back.

Not everyone agreed though, the MPAA, the main force behind the entire MegaUpload attack and lawsuits, didn't think it was such a good idea for people to get their hands on the files.

However, it did want those files saved and stored, but only so it could sue other people and groups besides MegaUpload over the matter.

Now, it seems that the MPAA has had a slight change of heart. It still thinks you're a rotten pirate, by and large, if you're a MegaUpload user. But if it just so happens that you are not a pirate, you should be allowed to get your stuff back.

But as you may have guessed it, it doesn't want people getting their hands back on their infringing content, so it only wants those with legitimate stuff to be allowed access. The MPAA doesn't care how, but it wants a method in place for making sure only legal content gets out.

"It is essential that the mechanism [for allowing access for users] include a procedure that ensures that any materials the users access and copy or download are not files that have been illegally uploaded to their accounts," the MPAA told the court.

“In no event should any Megaupload defendants or their representatives who have not generally appeared in this proceeding, and who are not subject to the control and supervision of the Court be allowed to access the Mega Servers under such a mechanism designed for the benefit of third-party Megaupload users,” it added.

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