MMA Fighter War Machine Joked About Killing Girlfriend Christy Mack – Video

Her response was, “Fair enough, I would probably deserve it”

Last Friday, MMA Fighter War Machine (Jon Koppenhaver) put his girlfriend Christy Mack in the hospital after attacking her in what seems like a fit of jealous rage at her home. He’s been on the run since and even Dog the Bounty Hunter has joined the police search, promising to bring him to justice.

A couple of days after the vicious attack, Christy Mack took to Twitter to post a full statement on what had happened and gruesome photos of the injuries she sustained. You will find that below.

She explained that the attack had been unprovoked, that War Machine wasn’t even her boyfriend anymore and that she would probably remain scarred for life. She was grateful to be alive because she thought he was going to kill her, she said.

That’s exactly what War Machine said he’d do if she ever broke up with him, about a year ago. In the video embedded below, an interview with a MMA media outlet, he and Christy showed off their brand his-and-hers tattoos, and he explained what he’d do if they broke up.

He has the word “Mack” stamped on his neck, while she has “Property of War Machine” on her shoulder. At the time they got the ink, they were at the beginning of the romance and were clearly convinced that they would live the rest of their life together.

So, when the reporter asked him what he’d do with the tattoo, how he’d explain it if he and Christy broke up, he joked that, if that happened, she would probably be dead by his hand. After he’d kill her, he would add “RIP” above the tattoo, as “a memorial to my dead girlfriend,” he said.

Considering last Friday’s events, his joke is chilling. Perhaps even more so is her response: laughing, she said, “Fair enough. Honestly, I would probably deserve it.”

On Twitter, War Machine tried to “justify” his violent gesture by saying that he went over to Mack’s place to surprise her with an engagement ring but he found her with another man and, in almost no time, was “fighting for [his] life.” He didn’t explain what he meant by that.

In response, she claimed that the man was just a friend who was “dressed and unarmed,” so there was absolutely nothing a jealous ex could pick on for a fight. He did it nonetheless; Mack said that War Machine had beaten her before, but never with such ferocity as on that night, when he seemed determined to kill her, but not before he humiliated her.

Allegedly, in addition to punching and kicking her, he stabbed her with a blunt knife and then chopped off her hair with it. He also forced her to shower in front of him and tried to rape her. She escaped when he had gone to look for a sharper knife, and got help at one of the neighbors.


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