MMA Fighter War Machine Goes Missing After Beating Girlfriend to a Pulp

Christy Mack is in hospital, War Machine apologizes on Twitter

MMA fighter Jon Koppenhaver, who legally changed his name to War Machine, beat his live-in girlfriend, adult star Christy Mack, so badly that she’s now in hospital and in no condition to speak and tell the cops what happened to her. War Machine has gone AWOL, but he’s not too busy hiding not to tweet.

TMZ reports that the MMA fighter is the primary suspect in a 3-person altercation that took place at his home in Las Vegas in the early hours of Friday. Two people have been taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries and one of them is believed to be Mack, his girlfriend of almost a year.

The same media outlet notes that Mack has taken such a serious beating that she’s unable to speak, and this way, cops can’t determine exactly what happened. Her family is “afraid” of what War Machine might do next, especially since he’s been on the run since the fight.

However, even though he’s hiding from the police, the MMA fighter still found the time to tweet – and he tweeted an apology to the woman he beat up, no less.

The tweets have been deleted since, but TMZ confirms they were online at one point, after news of the beating broke. War Machine seems to be hinting that he caught Mack with another man, just as he’d come home to surprise her so, in a way, his reaction was “justified.”

@ChristyMack I love you and hope you're okay. I came him [sic: home] early to surprise you and help you set up for your convention. I can't believe what I found and can't believe what happened,” he wrote.

“All I wanted was to surprise you and help and do something nice... now this. I'm so heart broken... in all ways. I will always love you,” War Machine continued.

As of now, his most recent tweet, which must have gone out at the end of this “apology” to his girlfriend, reads “I can’t believe this… I must be cursed.”

Whether he’s talking about the fact that he’s a wanted man by the police or about his being fired by Bellator in Las Vegas right after word of the attack got out, we won’t know until he’s apprehended or he turns himself in.

Things aren’t looking good for him, especially since this wouldn’t be the first time that he uses his fists to settle a dispute outside of the ring: in 2010, he got into a bar fight in San Diego, for which he was later sentenced to 1 year behind bars.

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