MAUZ Gives Smartphones Complete Gesture Control over Computers – Video

All it needs is the MAUZ app on the phone for everything to be interpreted

There are already a whole bunch of ways to give phones the ability to interact with PCs, even turn them into remote controls, but MAUZ is in a category of its own.

A Kickstarter project, MAUZ is a pointing device that, provided the MAUZ app is installed, enables a phone to control computers and media centers through gesture control.

Motions and visual gestures will be used to send orders to programs running on the computer.

The MAUZ app automatically pops up when the device is plugged in the phone. That done, owners can choose what to control (computer, media center, etc).

Go here to make a pledge and support the project ($150,000 is the goal / 110-150,000 Euro). The product page though is here, on the official website. The page is the website for now even.

See the video below for a special introduction.

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