MAG II Gun Controller, for Shooting Your Monitor or TV All Day

It is compatible with PCs and PlayStation 3 game consoles

Here is something that people can love or hate, or love to hate: the MAG II Gun Controller from All Interactive Entertainment (AIE).

“Designed and built with both casual and serious FPS gaming in mind,” the gun is compatible with all first-person shooter games, has wireless connection, features built-in vibration and is compatible with all TVs, projectors and monitors.

Overall, it's not an AK-47 and the looks may not sit well with everyone, but it can add a whole new experience to virtual gun fights.

AIE based its gun controller on motion sensing and gyroscopic induction movement tracking.

Downloadable updates will unlock new function and gameplay, whenever the team of engineers comes up with them.

AIE's MAG II will be available in Australia for AU $149.95 / USD $155 / 121 Euro.

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