Luxury for Your Ears: Trafomatic Experience Head One Headphone Amplifier

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For some music lovers high quality gear is simply not enough and they are in a constant search for better and better equipment to quench their thirst for the ultimate sound. The Serbian company Trafomatic, run by Mr. Sasa Cockic, has just proudly presented its newest addition to the ranks of reference audio gear - the Experience Head One headphone amplifier, a luxurious and exquisite piece of audiophile hardware.

The Trafomatic Experience Head One is an all-tube piece of tech, running on a carefully engineered stereo platform, delivering the pristine sought-after rich tone of any pricey gear and the pleasurable operation comparable to any other similar device.

Even more, besides the traditional stereo headphone output, the Trafomatic Experience Head One boasts a dedicated subwoofer output, with a similar frequency range as the line out channel, and therefore sporting the same top-drawer quality.

Noticeable features in the Trafomatic Experience Head One are the presence of the Alps volume pot and the high-grade impedance selector knob, the latter allowing you to perfectly match your top-notch preferred headphones with this exclusive amplifier and get the best possible results.

Together with all the high-class components, starting with the indirectly heated rectification tubes and ending with the Rubicon electrolytic capacitors, the Experience Head One is destined to deliver you acoustic bliss from a stunning package.

Gilded metal parts and polished wooden panels with refined looks add to the overall luxurious feeling you get with the Experience Head One. On the tech side, the EHO boasts 18 dB of gain on the Line output and carries gilded RCA inputs for CD and Aux; With 30-100-300 Ohms selectable output impedance, you're right where you want, no matter which type of headphones you use. And if we add the under-$900 price tag for the Trafomatic Experience Head One, this desktop headphone amplifier becomes even more appealing.

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