Luxurious Boats Powered Entirely by Ocean Water

French company plans to launch a zero-emission luxurious boat running on ocean water

A French company entitled Luxury-Sea is using a new green technology to power its high-class MIG 675 boats that display a minimal impact on the environment.

The best thing about the new toys, besides their similarities with a five-star hotel, is that they rely on ocean water to power their engines, Pure Energy Systems informs.

The manufacturer says the new generation of boats can come up with hydrogen and enough energy to supply all the electronics on board only by exploiting clean green ocean power.

No fossil fuels are involved in this equation, and the environmental benefit is obvious: less greenhouse gas emissions decreasing air quality.

Developers say the new kind of boat does not trigger carbon dioxide or “pollutants, and waste are no longer required to spend at the pump; [providing] unlimited autonomy,” according to an article published in Le Telegramme.

It appears that salted sea water is a reliable source since it can offer enough 50,000 volts of power, enough to satisfy the needs of a 500 horse power engine.

The new MIG 675 is far from being a common boat. It comes with “high strength and an incomparable légeretée, adding this a revolutionary standalone engine 500 HP, hydrogen-powered with a direct supply of seawater driven by a high strength industrial controller command Touch to control all its equipment,” reveal officials from Luxury-Sea.

Even though there is no real proof that the new green technologies involved in this project can guarantee unlimited range, manufacturers are proud of their prototype and plan to launch it on the market, starting next year.

Since it is luxurious and highlight a deep respect for the environment, the price tag was set accordingly: €250,000 ($326,350). The price isn't prohibitive, taking into account both its green benefits and its modern, luxurious equipment.

Since ocean water is an unlimited risk-free resource, unlike fossil fuels, such a discovery, once fully tested and implemented, could green up the entire shipping industry and afterwards move to other sectors strongly affected by their oil and coal dependency.

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