Lumia Apps to Keep You on Top of London Fashion Week

Mostly free software to receive news and photos on Lumia devices

Starting today, London is having a glimpse at the Autumn/Winter 2013 collections from top fashion lines around the world, and so can the owners of Lumia Windows Phone devices, courtesy of a series of applications designed for them.

Even if they can't attend the London Fashion Week, users will be able to receive news and updates on the matter straight on their devices, via fashion and style applications that are already up for grabs through the Windows Phone Store.

The free Vogue app is one of them, delivering updates in categories such as Daily News, People & Parties, and Twitter, so that users could access news articles on the latest fashion events, photos from presentations, or the latest tweets from Vogue themselves.

Another free app for Lumia owners is Zara, with a simple to use interface, offering users the possibility to easily search for clothes for men or women, or buy them.

“If you’re looking to buy items instead of just browsing, you can add them to your shopping cart and purchase them once you’ve finished your search. These items can be delivered right to you home, or another address you prefer,” Nokia Conversations explains in a blog post.

Those who would rather admire photos from fashion shows will be able to do so on their Lumia handsets through the Fashion Show Photographs Tile, which is available both for free and at £1.49 (without ads). It also enables users to save photos to their devices.

“While this app isn’t an official one of any kind, it connects you directly with the ‘Fashion Shows’ Flickr group and displays the latest 20 photos uploaded there. Photos often come from fashion shows, or from stylish people on the street,” said blog post explains.

Another useful application for fashion lovers is Fancy, available for free in the Windows Phone Store and meant to provide users with the possibility to easily share fashions they like with their friends over social networks.

Users can browse through a vast catalog of items and share what they like there, or can come up with their own content to show their friends.

“If you see something you want to share with people, take a photo of it from your Nokia Lumia (or select it from your photo album), add a title, choose a relevant category, add it to a list, and add some comments to get the conversation started,” Nokia Conversations explains.

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