Lumia 920 Is Nokia's Most Sought-After Phone in the Past 10 Years

Finnish carrier DNA claims it has the highest demand for any Nokia phone

There’s no doubt about it, Nokia Lumia 920 is one of the best-selling Windows Phone devices. The Finnish company has recently admitted it has been overwhelmed by the high demand.

Unexpected or not, Nokia did not want to risk everything on Windows Phone 8, which is why many reports claim the Lumia 920 was in short supply worldwide in the first place.

The company struggles to restock the Nokia Lumia 920, but word is that the next batch of smartphones will arrive in early December.

Although the phone sold out in just a few days or even less at most carriers and retailers across Europe, we thought Nokia supplied these sellers with a limited number of units, which was the main cause for this problem.

Well, it turns out we were wrong and Nokia Lumia 920 is really selling like hot cakes.

Sami Aavikko, store managing director at DNA, a Finnish major carrier, told Tietokone that the demand for Lumia 920 in DNA stores were the highest for any Nokia handset released in the last decade.

“All of what comes in, I sell immediately,” confirmed Aavikko. Moreover, the carrier was forced to create booking lists at its brick and mortar stores in order to meet the high demand for Nokia Lumia 920.

According to Aavikko, Finnish carrier DNA received an amount of Nokia Lumia 920 units equivalent to that of the iPhone 5, and the former was sold out in just a short time after it went on pre-order.

To emphasize the high demand for Nokia Lumia 920, sources in the market claim the Finnish company received no less than 2.5 million orders for the smartphone, in less than a month.

That’s only 400k short than the number of Lumia devices sold in the entire Q4 2011, which is pretty impressive.

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