LulzSec Peru Hacks Venezuelan Ministry of Defense Website

The affected site displays an "under maintenance" alert

Hackers of the LulzSec Peru collective have breached and defaced the official website of Venezuela’s Ministry of Defense (or Ministry of Popular Power for the Defense).

The hacktivists altered the site’s main page to display the LulzSec logo.

The administrators of the website have removed the defacement page, but the site still hasn't been restored. Visitors are greeted with a message which informs them that the site is under maintenance.

Back in November 2012, the same hacker group took over the Twitter account of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela. At the time, LulzSec Peru claimed to have gained access to hundreds of megabytes of emails stolen from the organization.

More recently, at the beginning of January, the same hackers defaced the official website of Argentina’s Ministry of Defense.

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