LulzSec Hacker Jeremy Hammond Denied Bail

The judge argued that he might flee knowing that he faced 37 years in prison

Jeremy Hammond, one of the members of the notorious LulzSec hacker group, has been denied bail, despite his attorney’s numerous attempts to convince the judge that he is not going to flee.

Elizabeth Fink, Hammond’s attorney, tried to convince the judge to grant her client bail by highlighting the fact that he didn’t have a passport and he had agreed not to use a computer if released.

However, according to Courthouse News Service, the judge considered that the defendant’s “lack of regard for legal authority” and the fact that he might serve a 37-year prison sentence made him a flight risk.

Furthermore, the judge argued that his advance computer skills put Hammond in a different class than others accused of cybercrimes.

Fink revealed that at trial they might use the fact that authorities utilized entrapment to snare her client for the attacks against Stratfor. They’re relying on the fact that Sabu was already working with law enforcement when the hackers planned to breach the think tank.

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