LulzSec Ecuador Hacks Military and Government Websites

The sites have been defaced as part of the global November 5 protests

Several Ecuador government and military websites have been hacked and defaced by a collective that calls itself LulzSec Ecuador. The attacks are part of the November 5 campaign launched by hacktivists from all over the world.

The targeted sites are the ones of the Ecuadorian Army’s Institute of Oceanography ( and a couple of its subdomains, the National ERFEN Committee of Ecuador (, the Governor of the Province of Guayas (, and the Parish Council of Zambia (

All the sites have been defaced to display the hacker collective’s logo and their message.

The message read: "For many this is proclaimed a revolutionary enemy and liberal idea - it's a weapon. But this is the reality – we are realists with dreamer glasses."

At the time of writing, some of the sites have been restored, while others have been taken down, most likely while they’re being restored. is still defaced.

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