LulzSec Claims It Has NHS Admin Passwords

The LulzSec hacking outfit claims to have administrative passwords to systems belonging to the National Health Service (NHS), UK's public healthcare system, but don't plan to misuse them.

In fact, the group made the announcement in order to boost the Twitter campaign of a 15-year-old girl with terminal cancer who wants to convince as many people as possible to sign up as bone marrow donors.

"In celebration [...] we're now emailing NHS and informing them of those admin passwords we took months ago.

"Because if we [expletive] over those that give health, people would literally die laughing at our antics. Poor lungs = poor lulz, people," the group wrote.

In a subsequent tweet, the hackers linked to a screenshot of a partially-obfuscated email message they allegedly sent to the NHS webmasters.

"Some time ago, we were traversing the Internets for signs of enemy fleets. While you aren't considered an enemy - your work is of course brilliant - we did stumble upon several of your admin passwords," it reads.

The hackers claim that they never intended to exploit these passwords and that they have similar ones for many things which they just keep as trophies.

The group has so far taken responsibility for attacks against websites belonging to Sony, Fox, PBS, InfraGard, and the Conservative Party of Canada. After all those attacks they posted rogue content on the sites and leaked data found in their corresponding databases.

However, there was one previous occasion when they didn't exploit the vulnerabilities, and that involved a server belonging to gaming platform developer Nintendo.

The group doesn't seem to have any intention of stopping anytime soon and has already announced that it is working on a new target. "Our next target is in our firing line and doesn't even know it yet," LulzSec wrote some 24 hours ago.

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