Lula 3D launches hardcore trailer

Explicit sex scenes

The Germans at CDV Software Entertainment in charge of Lula 3D's development are closer to the launching of the game that will explore territories Playboy The Mansion didn't have the guts to.

As the countdown has already started, CDV Software thought it would be best to launch a trailer to present the new game. So far, nothing out of the ordinary, if we don't take into account that 160MB trailers are pretty rare.

Yes, you read correctly, if you are curious (and after downloading 160MB I think you should be) to see what's with this Lula 3D everybody is talking about watch this 15 min movie. After you see it you will regret you don't speak German.

The action from the trailer takes place in the motel where the first Lula game begins, and let's just say the trailer has more than just some explicit sex scenes.

Considering we haven't attended German classes (although this might change) we cannot tell you much except that there are many girls involved. Do you want more details? Download it! Ah, I almost forgot, Lula is still bisexual.

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