Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon Might Include Local Multiplayer

The official website lists a new feature for the upcoming 3DS game

By on January 21st, 2013 23:11 GMT

The upcoming Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon title for the Nintendo 3DS might feature a local multiplayer mode, at least according to a listing on the official page of the game.

Luigi's Mansion became an instant classic on the GameCube many years ago and now a successor is getting ready to appear for the Nintendo 3DS later this year, in the form of Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon.

We already got to admire quite a few things about the game, but it seems that a new feature will be included in the title, at least according to its website which listed the fact that Dark Moon has local multiplayer.

While such a feature isn't unheard of in terms of 3DS titles, it's quite interesting considering the original Luigi's Mansion had just a single-player campaign.

As of yet, Nintendo hasn't commented on this leak and the local multiplayer mention has remained on the website.
New features are included in Luigi's Mansion
   New features are included in Luigi's Mansion