Lt. Data of “Star Trek Next Generation”: We Invented the iPad

And pretty much everything else now available on the market, says Brent Spiner

That Apple found “inspiration” for its many devices in those used in “Star Trek” many decades ago is not a new topic, since fans have been debating it for years. Apparently, Brent Spiner believes the same.

TMZ paparazzi caught up with the actor, who played Lt. Data in “Star Trek Next Generation,” and asked him what he thought of Apple’s iPad.

As the video below will confirm, he goes directly to the point: “we invented everything” and not just Apple devices, but pretty much everything else now available on the market.

Of course, he’s saying these things in a very light-hearted manner, most likely meaning no offense, though some will be taken, we daresay.

Not the same goes for whoever created the video above, in relation to the Apple patent controversy.

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