Loyal Dog Prevents Suicide, Stops Owner from Shooting Herself

The dog jumped on his 63-year-old owner, making her drop the gun

A woman from France now owes her life to her German Shepherd, after the pooch stopped her from committing suicide.

The Telegraph details that the incident took place in Sorgues, in the French Vaucluse region. A 63-year-old woman had fired her 22-calibre rifle in her garden several times, as if to test it.

As she tried to use the weapon to injure herself, her loyal dog jumped in for the rescue. It reportedly prevented the shot, by knocking out the weapon from her hands.

The scene was reconstituted by police officers analyzing the incident. While she ended up injuring herself in the chest region, the wounds were not fatal.

She was found by her husband, who rushed her to a hospital. Medical staff reported non-life-threatening injuries in her case, and the chest laceration was most likely a flesh wound.

"At the moment she pulled the trigger, her dog jumped on her and diverted the shot. [The dog] probably sensed things and knocked into her to save her," a source in local police describes.

Three days ago, we informed you about a separate account of a dog saving his owner's life. A three-year-old girl known in the press only as Julia.

On Friday, March 1, she went missing from Pierzwin village in Lubusz province, in Poland. She was only recovered one day later, after spending the night in a marshland, in the freezing cold.

NDTV detailed at the time that the girl faced -5 C (23 F) temperatures. A search party of 250 people was formed, including police, fire department and other rescue workers. Locals volunteered to help locate the girl as well, and six search dogs were brought in.

When she was found, her small dog was by her side, having kept her warm throughout the night. She survived being stranded with only minor frostbite.

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