Loyal Dog Ignores Traffic, Stands by Its Dead Mate for 6 Hours

Every once in a while, the male tried shaking the female, hoping that it would wake up

Only recently, a male dog in China drew significant amounts of attention after it refused to abandon its dead mate and kept guard over its body, despite the fact that it found itself in the middle of the street and that cars were rushing all around it.

Sources report that the female dog got hit by a vehicle and died almost instantaneously. However, the male kept hoping that it would perhaps wake up sooner or later, which is why it remained by its side for nearly 6 hours.

“He stayed beside her the whole day, keeping licking her and pushing her, trying to wake her up. It's very touching. Then he pushed her with his head, and licked her face. I even saw tears,” one eyewitness recollects.

The two were separated when authorities came and removed the dog's dead mate.

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