Loyal Dog Helps Search Party Find His Dead Owner's Body

The Labrador Retriever's master died while hiking in northern New Jersey

Only recently, a Labrador Retriever did his best to help a search party locate his owner, who had passed away following his suffering a hiking accident.

The incident occurred in a nature preserve in northern New Jersey this past Saturday.

Sources report that this Labrador Retriever, named Kentucky, simply refused to abandon his owner, despite his being dead.

Thus, the people who were out looking for both of them spotted the dog's eyes reflecting off headlamps, and relied on them for guidance. Soon enough, they managed to track down both Kentucky and his owner.

For the time being, it seems that the hiker's death was no more and no less than an accident.

Still, it is to be expected that an investigation meant to completely rule out foul play will soon follow.

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