Low-Fat Chocolate Now Made from Fruit Juice

Researchers say their low-fat chocolate feels just like the regular one

By replacing half of the fat content usually found in run-off-the-mill chocolate with fruit juice, several researchers have managed to roll out a waistline-friendly version of this otherwise hyper-caloric treat.

The University of Warwick specialists claim that, despite the fact that their low-fat chocolate does taste a tad like fruits, its velvety feel when eaten is roughly the same as in the case of regular chocolate.

According to Daily Mail, lead researcher Dr. Stefan Bon wished to make the following observations:

“We have established the chemistry that's a starting point for healthier chocolate confectionery. This approach maintains the things that make chocolate ‘chocolatey,’ but with fruit juice instead of fat.”

“Now we're hoping the food industry will take the next steps and use the technology to make tasty, lower-fat chocolate bars and other candy,” said researcher went on to say.

The juice used by these specialists in order to develop their low-fat chocolate came from either apples, oranges or cranberries.

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