Low-End Intel Sandy Bridge CPUs Inbound

That's right, Ivy Bridge isn't taking over the world just yet

Even though today is supposed to be the day when Ivy Bridge CPUs finally appear, Intel has been found to be working on an update to the Sandy Bridge collection as well.

That's right, there are some new Sandy Bridge central processing units on the way from the Santa Clara, California-based company.

Sure, the high-end market will get 22nm-based CPUs in a jiffy (today, or so they say), but that doesn't mean everyone else (low and mid-range) will be left hanging.

The S-spec and box numbers of some of the new low-end CPUs have appeared in Intel's Material Declaration Data Sheets (MDDS) database.

Alas, only four of them are actually detailed in any relevant measure.

Still, that's better than nothing, so we'll go ahead and say what each of them has to offer, or will have to offer as soon as they start shipping.

The launch is supposed to happen on June 3, by the way. A bit far off, but still, not as late as some of the next-generation models.

On the low end of the spectrum is the Celeron G550 (box number BX80623G550 / BXC80623G550), with two cores at 2.6 GHz each, 2 MB cache memory, a TDP of $65W and a price of $52 / 40 Euro.

Secondly, Intel is preparing the Pentium G640 (BX80623G640 / BXC80623G640), with 3 MB cache, 2.8 GHz clock speed (two cores), a 65W TDP and a price of $64 / 48 Euro.

The third dual-core chip is called Pentium G640T (BX80623G640T), has 2.4 GHz clock speed, a 3 MB cache memory, a TDP of 35W and the same price as above.

Finally, Intel is preparing the Pentium G870, a dual-core like all the others, but whose speed is 3.1 GHz. The TDP is 65W, the cache is of 3 MB and the price is $86 / 65 Euro.

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