Low-Cost Samsung 55/65-Inch 4K UHD TVs Set for Next Week Launch

The ultra high-definition television sets will ship for below $8K / €8K

A rare 4K monitor may have finally come out into the open, but that doesn't mean there will suddenly be a tip in the balance. 4K TVs still dominate the UHD industry, such as it is.

Samsung, as some may have been able to predict, is the one making waves. Or at least more waves.

The company will release a 65-inch UHD TV and a 55-inch 4K resolution television set next month.

That can mean anything between tomorrow and four weeks from now, but I dare say it's likely for Computex 2013 to be the stage (June 4-8).

What struck me, and really not just me, were the prices. The TVs will actually sell for under $8,000 / €6,163 – 8000.

Considering that there are 85-inchers at $40,000 / €30,800 – 40,000, that's low.

Both of them will have upscaling technology and free coupons for the 2014 upgrade kit (possibly involving new HDMI standards).

Source: Korea Newswire

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