Low-Cost Braven Bluetooth Speakers Released

The company actually launched just one speaker in several colors

Wireless consumer electronics are getting really popular nowadays, which means that Braven's new Bluetooth speaker isn't an odd arrival.

Called Braven 570, it doesn't try overmuch to be all that aesthetically embellished. It looks every bit like an average, run-off-the-mill, rectangular plastic box.

Still, it does cost $100 / €76-100, so there must be more to it than that.

According to Braven, the speaker is encased in impact-resistant material and has a sound output of 6W.

A 1,200mAh battery is mentioned too, and should keep it operational for a good while.

As for the range, the Bluetooth connection will hold over distances of up to 33 feet (10 meters), less if walls or other obstacles get in the way.

Braven 570, colored in Monaco Blue, Sahara Red, Lunar Black, Arctic White, Fiji Green or Rio Purple will sell through QVC stores for the price mentioned above. Online orders will be opened for the black and white ones in January 2013, but the price will be of $130 / €99-130.

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