Lost “RoboCop” Kanye West Video with Ex Amber Rose Leaks Online

Video was scrapped after the two broke up on less than friendly terms

Before Kanye West fell in love with Kim Kardashian and featured her in the universally mocked video for “Bound 2,” there was Amber Rose: the rapper dated the video vixen / model for a while and even featured her in the video for “RoboCop” from his “808s Heartbreak” album.

The video was shot sometime in 2008 or 2009, but never saw the light of day because, by the time editing was done, Kanye and Amber broke up and were already sparring in the media over who was to blame for the split.

A snippet from it has now emerged online and, as you can imagine, it’s getting everyone’s attention. Kim Kardashian’s too, most likely.

Directed by Hype Williams, the stop-motion clip sees the voluptuous Amber play Kanye’s robotic lover. It’s not even half as revealing as “Bound 2,” which featured Kim nude on a bike but, then again, we only have a sample to judge how the finished product must have looked.

In an older interview, the rapper explained that the idea for it had been inspired by his love of video games, saying, “I think that’s the holy grail, if you can make your video look as good as a video game, and not be computer generated, and just have that type of intensity coming off the screen.”

Judge for yourself if he managed to capture that “type of intensity.” The snippet is available here.

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