Lost Cat Walks 190 Miles Home, Amazes Owners

The cat's journey took two months to complete, cost the feline several pounds

About two months ago, Jacob and Bonnie Richter from West Palm Beach went on a family trip to the Daytona International Speedway and decided to take their cat along for the ride.

As it later turned out, Holly is no fan of racing and all the commotion associated with it, hence its running away from its owners.

Despite their putting up flyers and even spending a few more days than initially planned in Daytona Beach, Jacob and Bonnie failed to find their pet cat. Eventually, they gave up on looking for it and went home.

Opposing Views reports that, several weeks after this incident had occurred, the couple received a phone call from a local veterinarian who said that he had found Holly fairly close to Jacob and Bonnie's home.

Apparently, the cat walked over a distance of 190 miles (about 306 kilometers) just to be reunited with its family. As was to be expected, Holly is now underweight, yet both its owners and the veterinarian who found it hope that it will soon enough make a full recovery.

“It was quite a journey for this little girl. We just can't believe she came home,” Jacob told members of the press.

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