Lost Cat Found by Owner After Three Years

The cat went missing in January 2010, took three years to get back home

Back in January 2010, Charlene Lanigan allowed her pet cat, McGee, to go outside and play for a while. Sadly, the feline went missing and, after spending several months trying to find him, the woman finally accepted that McGee might be lost forever and decided to adopt a new cat.

In an interesting turn of events, McGee decided to make his comeback roughly three years after falling off Charlene's radar.

Thus, the woman recently got a call from a local shelter, whose employee told her that her pet cat had been found.

Sources report that McGee was found by a Long Island resident in the aftermath of hurricane Sandy, and that the latter was the one who took the cat to the shelter whose staff later called Charlene to give her the good news.

“He [McGee] wrapped his arms around me, put his head down and started to purr,” Charlene told members of the press.

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