“Look What This Girl Wore at the Beach” Scam Hides Malicious Browser Extension

Facebook users are urged to install a fake YouTube Player update

A Facebook scam which advertises an allegedly outrageous video that features a girl on the beach is making the rounds on the social media network.

Some time has passed since we last saw a Facebook scam. However, they surely haven’t disappeared.

According to the folks from Facecrooks, Facebook customers might stumble upon a post entitled “[Video] – Look what this girl wore at the beach in front of thousands of people!”

“During the summer holidays, this girl took the opportunity to do something unheard of! I bet no one can do the same,” reads the message.

Those who are curious to see the outrageous act are in for a surprise. The link doesn’t point to a legitimate video, but to a fake video webpage where users are urged to install a shady YouTube player update.

In reality, the update is nothing but a malicious browser extension that is most likely leveraged by cybercriminals to push arbitrary advertisements, hijack Facebook Likes and possibly even install malware.

As always, we advise Facebook customers to beware of suspicious-looking posts.

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