Look At This Instagram – an Awesome Parody of Nickelback

Nickelback's song Photograph, from 2005, gets a new spin with Instagram-bashing lyrics

College Humor just put out this delicious Instagram bashing video. “Look At This Instagram” is actually a cover of Nickelback's song Photograph, from 2005, which they dubbed parody-worthy.

It's not the app that the creators of the clip have a problem with, it's how people use it to post cliches, taking pictures of mundane things and building them up to be special, in true hipster style.

One's feet, the wing on an airplane, city lights, cats in every possible position, are just some of the things you can find on most Instagramers' profiles.

The lyrics poke fun of pseudo-artists' lack of originality. “I'm the first one to think of that” is one verse that better exemplifies the videomakers' stand.

“It's such a thrill to add a filter,” isn't it?

*User discretion is advised, as the clip contains language which may offend.

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