Logitech Wireless Mini Mouse M187 Inbound

Has a retail price of around $15 / 11.57 Euro and comes in three colors

Logitech is living up to its name as worldwide supplier of peripherals by preparing a wireless mouse for its debut.

The Wireless Mini Mouse M187 will reach Singapore stores by the end of the month (January, 2012).

Featuring a so-called reliable wireless connection, it doesn't need any software and can slip into a pocket easily, or is supposed to.

Ultimately, it will probably depend on how tight one's clothes are. At worst, people will have to settle for a handbag or purse.

Activating it should be a simple matter of plugging the nano receiver into the PC's USB port (there is a small socket inside the mouse where it stays the rest of the time).

That said, Logitech has prepared red, black and white versions of the Wireless Mini Mouse M187, priced at $15 / 11.57 Euro (S$19).

Whenever sales start (in Singapore at least), buyers will get a three-year limited hardware warranty.

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