Logitech Webcam C110 and C170 Formalized

Webcams feature a universal clip and automatic noise reduction

Logitech is again building on its name as worldwide supplier of peripherals, this once revealing a pair of webcams for personal computers.

The two newcomers bear the fairly unassuming names of Webcam C110 and Webcam C170.

Obviously one will be better than the other, and their names are a fairly clear indication of which is which.

The Webcam C110 is the more modest of the duo, at 1.3 megapixels, though it still has all it needs to capture both basic and high-quality video.

The maximum frame rate is of 30 per second and the maximum resolution is 1,024 x 768 pixels (XVGA).

The second model, Webcam C170, is of 5 megapixels and can work well in low lighting conditions.

Also, the pictures it shoots are software-enhanced and, during videos, it is supposed to minimize choppiness and background noise.

Logitech has set up the product page of the former here, while the latter is described in full here.

Physically, they aren't easily discernible (Logitech has more than one color option for each), with their oval shape and universal clip (lets them be used with desktops and laptops alike).

Also, they share the Logitech Fluid Crystal technology, which confers smooth and sharp video and images.

The Webcam C170 is already available, in Singapore at least, for the price of S$29, which translates into roughly US$22 and 16.5 Euro.

As for the Webcam C110, it will only start selling around the middle of next month (December, 2011), for the price of S$23, or US$17.6 / 13 Euro a piece.

Both are plug and play-ready (only need the USB connector to be plugged in and Windows will do the rest).

Of course, if anyone is looking for a different, bigger and much more powerful sort of means to record videos and shoot photos, there's always Nikon D800, Sony NEX-5N and the Genius FaceCam 3000, to name a few.


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