Logitech: We Are Not Giving Up PC Gaming, No Matter What Anyone Thinks

Stopping console peripheral production doesn't mean the same will happen to PCs

Logitech announced some really harsh decisions over the past few days, like the spin-off of the Harmony remote division, the abandonment of the video conferencing industry, and the interruption of console peripheral manufacture.

Since people started to worry that Logitech might do something similar on the PC Gaming peripheral market, the company's CEO personally laid those fears to rest in a Twitter post.

Basically, “PC gaming continues to be a priority for the company,” which makes perfect sense as it has always been a core part of the business for the Swiss hardware maker.

In fact, since Logitech will have a less cluttered business plan by the end of the year (2013), it will even have more time to spend researching new mouse and keyboard designs.

All that remains is to see if the losses from 2012 are offset.

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