Logitech Releases Gaming Keyboard G10

Should be out in Europe and the US son, if it isn't already

One would think that Logitech would want to take a break, since it wasn't so long ago that it launched its latest peripheral, but that didn't happen, as the company created the Gaming Keyboard G105.

The Logitech Gaming Keyboard G105 was launched alongside the Laser Mouse G9X and is an item specifically made for the game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

It has military-style green LED backlighting, to evoke that night vision feel, and allows owners to use up to five keys at once (multi-key input).

Six programmable G-keys are another one of the product assets, as is the set of stop, pause, start, forward and back functions.

What is most relevant for gamers, however, is the possibility to set up macro key combinations, up to 18 to be except, per game.

They let one perform multi-key combinations, complete with mouse events, repeats and user-defined delays, using a single key stroke.

One can even record a new macro on the fly, provided the Logitech Gaming Software is downloaded and installed of course.

“The Logitech Gaming Keyboard G105 and the Logitech Laser Mouse G9X are perfect for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 enthusiasts who want the best in precision and customization for their gaming experience,” said Chris Pate, senior product marketing manager for gaming at Logitech.

“Both devices let you jump right into the action with the power to perform complex maneuvers with confidence.”

The Logitech Gaming Keyboard G105 has the price of $79.99, which is about the same as 58.19 Euro, based on exchange rates.

Alas, European prices seldom reflect this, being higher on most occasions, so prospective buyers should make sure not to get their hopes up too high before online shops list the item (should be this month, October 2011).

Stay tuned for our coverage of the Logitech Laser Mouse G9X.

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