Logitech PRO Keyboard for Samsung Galaxy NotePRO and Galaxy TabPRO Announced

Logitech wants to make the Samsung slates more productive

The Samsung Galaxy Note PRO and Galaxy Tab PRO tablets are barely out and accessories for them have already started to appear in the wild.

Logitech is apparently aiming to bring productivity to the slates, so at CES 2014 it has unveiled the Logitech Pro keyboard case which is compatible with both tablets.

The case will connect to the tablet via Bluetooth and can be used as a protective case, as well. On top of that, users can deploy the accessory to prop the tablet up, arranging it in the perfect viewing angle.

Since Sammy’s slates are 12.2-incher, it means we’re looking at an almost fully-fledged keyboard here (with Android shortcuts), which should make typing quite convenient.

So if you’re planning to buy either the Samsung Galaxy Note PRO or Samsung Galaxy Tab PRO, you should know the Logitech Pro keyboard will be made available starting February for the price of $130 / €95.

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