Logitech MK520 Wireless Keyboard-Mouse Combo On Pre-Order

Logitech is well known as a world-class supplier of computer peripherals and, now, it moved to reinforce its position as one of the major brands by unleashing the MK520 wireless keyboard-mouse combo upon the unsuspecting market.

Instead of releasing some new keyboard or mouse, or some other type of peripheral meant for gaming or otherwise, Logitech decided it would offer a double deal and provide both a mouse and a keyboard to those that are not entirely fond of cables.

The full-size keyboard has a black coating and a very small Unifying receiver which enables 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity at a range of up to 10 meters.

Additionally, the keyboard has low-profile Incurve keys with softly rounded edges, for a touch of style and comfort.

What's more, the peripheral comes with one-touch media controls and a battery that ca supposedly last for up to three years.

All in all, the keyboard promises to perform well in any gaming or other type of task, while still addressing customers' needs for comfort and aesthetics.

The mouse, it can be said, has the same goal of enhancing consumers' gaming and multimedia experience and has the same wireless connectivity.

It features soft rubber side grips, to let consumers have a firmer grasp of it at all times, and, of course, the obligatory scroll wheel and two buttons.

The product loses to the keyboard in terms of battery power, being built with one that 'only' lasts for one year.

All in all, the Wireless Combo MK520 should contribute to the quality of any high-end, cable-unfriendly system, and is already up for pre-order at $56.54.

"When you're using a laptop, the Logitech Wireless Combo can make everything you do on your computer more comfortable," said Marcus Harvey, Logitech UK & Ireland Country Manager.

"The MK520 keyboard and mouse combo is designed to feel good hour after hour," he concludes.

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