Logitech Intros Enterprise Keyboard with Integrated Phone/Video Call Controls

The item is made to work with the Cisco Jabber messenger program

There are a lot of instant messaging programs, but few are actually used very widely other than Yahoo Messenger and Skype.

Cisco's Jabber is one of them, being very useful for inter-worker communication inside office buildings and the like.

Knowing this, Logitech has launched a keyboard specifically designed with the software in mind.

Called UC Solution for Cisco 725-C, it has dedicated keys for phone and video calls, and it is actually part of a product set.

There are two other peripherals: the Full HD Logitech C920-C Webcam and the Logitech M525-C Wireless Mouse. All of them are side by side in the press photo above.

Logitech intends to sell the UC Solution for Cisco 725-C starting in March 2013, for $269.99 / 269.99 Euro. The webcam should be up for sale alone as well, for $109.99 / 109.99 Euro.

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