Logitec Releases Wireless LAN Extender

It can provide Wi-Fi signal in areas of the home that a router would not otherwise reach

Logitec (the Japanese company, not the Swiss peripheral maker Logitech) has launched the LAN-RPT01BK wireless LAN extender.

Wireless LAN extenders allow Wi-Fi routers to communicate with PCs, smartphones, tablets and other devices normally unreachable, due to being in different rooms in a house or whatever other reason.

If the signal can reach said items but is weak, the extender will ensure maximum performance.

For instance, a PC could jump from 2 Mbps to 26 Mbps in a flash (thirteen times advantage).

Logitec also included WPS security. If the router used by customers has such support, pressing the special button on the LAN-RPT01BK will add the ability to the extender as well.

To make it work, buyers only need to plug the extender in a wall outlet. More than one can be interlinked if necessary.

Logitec expects payments of 6,405 Yen (about $67 / €51.42). Shipments will start in mid-March.

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