Logitec Intros Skylink HD Home NAS

The new device comes with a 2TB or a 3TB Western Digital HDD

Japanese company Logitec has just launched a new NAS unit and this one is targeting home users that want to have something handy to unload all the media and files in their tablets, mobile phones or thin laptops. The company says that these will use Western Digital drives, optimized for 24/7 use.

We seriously doubt that Western Digital’s HDDs, may those be red, green or pinkish, will work properly in a 24/7 regime for one or two years.

HDD makers, all of them, have long given up on reliability.

The new unit is officially called Logitec Skylink HD and it only features a simple RJ45 Gigabit LAN connector for networking, but also has two USB 2.0 ports that can expand the storage capacity with other external drives.

This is not really the most reliable method of increasing storage capacity, but it’s good that it is available, just in case.

The name Skylink is quite strange as it may imply that it has a wireless connection although no model has it.

WirelessN connectivity would have been useful for ease of use when backing up from smartphones or tablets.

Pricing starts at $190 (148 EUR) for a 2TB version that actually has a WD Green HDD inside, not a Red Edition, but it will reach $292 (227 EUR) for a 3TB version using a WD Red drive.

We always recommend RAID 1 setups for NAS drives so the Logitec Skylink is not really the most reliable way of backing up you data.


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